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 #563331  by vasy
 29-09-2013 20:56
la geno si benchpress m am uitat si eu
la indreptari nu am mai stat ca era ft tarziu...
felicitari!!!!!! :clap :clap :clap

 #563335  by Moon
 29-09-2013 21:16
The 5th day of the World Master Powerlifting Championships had the 120kg class lifters on the platform, this is the 2nd last day of the Championships which means the weights are about to get heavier than before!!!

The Master 1 division had 9 lifters competing. Sorin Cazacu from Romania had the biggest squat of the day with a big 365kg! He also won the bench press with a massive 260kg! Claudemiro Nascimento from Brazil won the deadlift with 325kg! The Romanian had the biggest Total with 900kg to win the Gold! The Brazilian won Silver with 875kg.

 #563347  by Alex Arginteanu
 30-09-2013 01:14
Felicitari, Sorin Cazacu !
Pacat ca nu sunt interesati si stiristii de performanta asta, dar ii dau in continuare cu fotbalul, manca-l-ar'...
Succes pe mai departe ! :ok

 #563439  by cazacu sorin
 01-10-2013 01:01
Va multumesc din suflet pentru aprecieri! :ok

 #563459  by Audigy
 01-10-2013 12:56
Sorine, in ultima vreme vad ca ti-ai propus sa aduni tot ce poti, titluri europene, mondiale ... de nationale nici n-are rost sa pomenim. :ok

 #563506  by cazacu sorin
 03-10-2013 08:51